In the 1970's Sunny travelled to Wekin as a college student on a mission trip.  That trip changed her life forever.  It
was then she decided to one day return and make a difference. Leaving something so insignificant as a pencil with a
young man changed his life, and he remembered Sunny some 34 years later! The pencil kept him in school so he
could continue his education. See the video on the home page about what happened 34 years later.

There were no wells and toilets in this city when our ministry began. Young children would carry 40 pound jugs of
water walking 30 minutes each way twice a day to get their families supply of water. There originally were just six
holes in the ground at the elementary school that served as toilet facilities with no doors for privacy on them. Those
were the only facilities for over 8,000 people.  

Sunny returned to Wekin for the second time in 2008 with her daughter Alyssa, and again in 2011, 2012, 2014,
2016, and 2017 with her husband Wyn and several different travel companions.  This organization has grown out
of the needs seen and their compassion for the way the people of Wekin live and survive daily!

We have partnered with
New Covenant Missions, and have built wells for clean water access, latrines, two
slaughter houses, and donated gently used and new shoes, new t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags for teachers, books, pens, paper,
along with school supplies for the deaf and blind students. We also have medical missions serving this area.
Woken free medical mission was held from June 22-24, 2017 where 1335 people were seen for medical care.
What was amazing and made us rejoice is that 12 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord
& Savior! This is our main mission, especially in areas like this where one hardly finds a believer.
(Read more about the summer 2017 medical mission with New Covenant Missions in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia).

A partnership was established with the University of Wisconsin Sports where our Church Planters and 30
volunteers trained a team of sports ministry professionals with the tools and strategies to reach their communities
with the gospel through sports ministry!

We have also partnered with
EvaSUE an Ethiopian organization that encourages and supports students and
graduates who are laboring to expand God's kingdom through evangelism discipleship, missions, and leadership
development on and off campus's across Ethiopia.
(Read more about our 2017 national mission trip).

As you hear about the Horn of Africa in the news you can understand the serious trouble that lies ahead for
these people. Before Wekin Project came into this area, one out of two children died before the age of 5 from
water born illnesses.  

When this ministry began we wanted to return to Wekin, dig wells, build toilets, & bring in school supplies.
Through your help, "Wekin Project" is making progress. Things are starting to change in Wekin, and plans for
a community center, 4 more slaughter houses, 7 more latrines, a widows and orphan program, and electricity
are on the horizon. Hopefully within the next decade, the people of Wekin will be self sufficient and able to sustain
life on their own.  In 2018 in Tigray 259 people have heard the good news, with 26 salvations. In Amhara 781
people have heard the good news, with 63 salvations.
Today a total of 1253 people have accepted the
Lord as their personal savior.

If you feel so inclined to donate to "Wekin Project", please see our donation page for more information.

Thank you,

Wyn and Sunny Ray
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