Donations for wells run about $5,000 per well.
Approximate Financial support for one volunteer's travel expenses needed are listed below.

      Supplies Needed

      To make a donation to "Wekin Project"
(also known as Wokin)

      To purchase Gift Cards

If you prefer, checks may be made out and sent to:   
New Covenant Foundation/Wokin
PO Box 218
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816-0218

Contact us at:
Health By Design  
4509 Saddlebrook Drive Minnetonka, MN 55345
Phone: (001) (952) 936-9029 or Fax: (001) (952) 936-9132

Thank you in advance for your support. Together we will make a difference!

Wyn & Sunny Ray
1. $3,355.00 Tour. (Hotels, Most Meals, Internal Flights, etc.)

2. $1,360.00 Flight from/to Minneapolis St. Paul to Addis Ababa  (Economy Class)   
3. $5,069.00 Flight from/to Minneapolis St. Paul to Addis Ababa  (First Class Business).
Donate to Wekin Project  Even A Penny Will Help!
1. First click on link:
. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select a donation type (one time donation) or (on going donation).
. Enter donation amount and leave us a note.
Inspired Faith Film Festival 2016
award winning documentary!
Online e-book
View children getting
water back in 2012 below.
Wyn & Sunny's Nov. 2012
Ethopian trip on YOU
TUBE video
We work with tax deductible non~profit
501(C)3 organizations.
Set of 5 (5x7) gift cards for $20.00 (contact Health by Design below)
"And if anyone gives to one

of these little ones even a

cup of water to drink, truly

I say to you he shall not

lose his reward."

Matthew 10:42
1. Bic pens (we are asking all pens to be "Bic" and clear in color.)
2. Notebooks
3. Teaching materials
(are desperately needed for the deaf & blind)
4. Reference texts
5. Simple easy Christian children's books
6. Batteries size "C"
7. T-shirts
8. Soccer balls, along with nets and several pump
Help support disabled children in the Wekin
and Gondar province of Ethiopia by purchasing a
set of cards.
This painting of 5 year old Rahel was done by Chi
Chi Miller and placed on a 5 x 7 card. A set of 5
cards available for $20.
See information on donation page.
(painting is based on a photograph by Ryan