Monetary donations needed for:

Wells (regular well about $5,000 & spring water well about $6,000).

Latrines (need 7 more about $7,000 each).

Meat Slaughter Houses (need 4 more about $10,000 each).

Building a community center ( $80,000 more needed).

Church Planter/Evangelist (monthly support $170.00)

Approximate Financial support for one volunteer's travel expenses needed are listed below.

Supplies needed:

To make a donation to "Wekin Project"
(also known as Wokin):

Contact us at:

Health By Design  
4509 Saddlebrook Drive Minnetonka, MN 55345
Phone: (001) (952) 936-9029 or Fax: (001) (952) 936-9132

Thank you in advance for your support. Together we will make a difference!

Wyn & Sunny Ray
Online e-book
View children getting
water back in 2012 below.
Wyn & Sunny's Nov. 2012
Ethopian trip on YOU
TUBE video
1. $3,355.00 Tour. (Hotels, Most Meals, Internal Flights, etc.)
2. $1,360.00 Flight from/to Minneapolis St. Paul to Addis Ababa  (Economy Class)   
3. $5,069.00 Flight from/to Minneapolis St. Paul to Addis Ababa  (First Class Business).
"And if anyone gives to one

of these little ones even a

cup of water to drink, truly

I say to you he shall not

lose his reward."

Matthew 10:42
Donate to Wekin Project  Even A Penny Will Help!
1. Go to  

2. Click on "Wekin Project," fill in the appropriate information to make a donation online,
    and click "Donate".

3. Or you can also donate by check, please put "Wekin" on the memo line and it will
 be allocated to that account. Please send to address below.
We work with tax deductible non~profit
501(C)3 organizations.
1. Bic pens (we are asking all pens to be "Bic" and clear in color.)

2. New t-shirts, sweatshirts,  and bags for teachers.

Deflated soccer balls, along with nets, pumps and other soccer equipment.
New Life In Christ Ministry,
PO Box 456,
Clearwater MN 55320