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Wekin Project   Wekin is also known as Wokin
In the city of Wekin, Ethiopia, population is approximately 14,000. Up until several years ago, there were no wells, no toilet facilities
as we know them, and few school supplies available. One out of two children were dying by the age of 5 from water born diseases.
Young children were carrying 40 pound jugs of water walking 30 minutes each way twice a day to get their family's supply of water.

Our hope was to change life for the people of Wekin, and share the love of Jesus Christ.

In the last several years, our ministry has been able to provide the city with three wells for clean drinking water, funds to have three
latrines with 12 stools each built, and support four full time missionaries, in the cities of Wekin, Debark, and Debat. There have also
been eight people who have been converted to Christianity.

Over 2,000 people have received free medical care and heard the Gospel during our recent medical mission. Please pray that these
seeds we planted will grow into salvation!

The mission has opened the door for us into one of the darkest communities in the Gondar region. Please pray for our wisdom and
discernment as we move forward to begin the process of implementing community development programs to improve the lifestyle of
the poorest people in the town of Debat.

Also in partnership with UW Sports we trained a team of 30 Ethiopian church planters and evangelists in sports ministry outreach.
During our training we witnessed two families come to the Lord as they saw the love of Christ modeled to their children! Please pray
for these families as they begin to grow in the Lord and possibly face persecution from their neighbors and friends. Also pray for these
church planters who are now equipped with this tool to reach their community with sports ministry to have favor and see the fruit of
their labor as they show love to the unbelievers in their areas.

Our next trip to Wekin will be in December of 2016. We are looking for about 10 people to travel with us, share the good news of
Christ, and help us bring supplies in. It is very difficult to have shipped supplies reach this part of the world, and each traveler can
bring in up to 100 lbs. It costs $350 U.S. to ship one lb. to Wekin through DSL.

See our
donation page for the 2016 itinerary, a list of supplies needed, and more information about our upcoming trip. Browse our
website, check out our award winning documentary
be full and hang around and our e-book at Ethiopia December 2014 e-book.

                                                                                         Wyn & Sunny Ray
View children getting
water back in 2012 below.
Wyn & Sunny's Nov. 2012
Ethopian trip on YOU
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3 Awards received for
the Documentary
"And if anyone gives to one of these little ones even acup of water to drink,
truly I say to you he shall not lose his reward."Matthew 10:42
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