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Wekin Project   Wekin is also known as Wokin
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"And if anyone gives to one of these little ones even acup of water to drink,
truly I say to you he shall not lose his reward."Matthew 10:42
In the city of Wekin, Ethiopia, population is approximately 14,000. Up until several years ago,there were no wells,
no toilet facilities as we know them, and few school supplies available. One out of two children were dying by the
age of 5 from water borne diseases.Young children were carrying 40 pound jugs of water walking 30 minutes
each way twice a day to get their family's supply of water.

Our hope was to change life for the people of Wekin, and share the love of Jesus Christ.
In the last several years, our ministry

*  Built several wells for clean drinking water.
*  Provided funds to build latrines in many places throughout the city and in the schools.
*  Educated people on how to build their own personal sanitation locations.
*  Worked with “Books for Africa” and donated 20,000 books for the city/school.
*  Provided every child with access to a pen, school books, and paper (if parents will send their children to school).
*  Provided medical care for over 2,000 people, and shared the Gospel with them. Expectant mothers have a place they
   can deliver with a midwife, and people can be seen for minor injuries.
*  Built a slaughter house in Debat to butcher their meat.
*  Trained a team of 30 Ethiopian church planters and evangelists in sport ministry outreach, and formed a soccer
   team. In order to be on the team participants must meet with a church planter at least one time a week.
*  Supported four full time missionaries, in the cities of Wekin, Debark, and Debat, and converted many to Christianity.
*  Partnered with EvaSUE an Ethiopian organization that encourages and supports students and graduates who are
   laboring to expand God's kingdom through evangelism, discipleship, missions, and leadership development on and off
   campus' across Ethiopia.

The mission has opened the door for us into one of the darkest communities in the Gondar region.

hope is to:
*  Partner with Compassion International and start a program for widows and orphans. The widows would            
   take care of the orphans and Compassion would support the children.
*  Build four more wells, (2 spring water wells, and 2 regular wells).
*  Build a town library, community center and a chapel.
*  Build 4 more slaughter houses.
*  Build 7 more latrines
*  Bring electricity to the city of Wekin!
*  Continue to share the hope found in Jesus Christ!
*  Provide funding to send more short term medical teams to provide basic medical needs.

Prayers are needed for:

*  New converts as they begin to grow in the Lord and possibly face persecution from their neighbors and friends.
*  Our church planters/evangelists and our sports ministry.
*  Wisdom and discernment as we move forward to begin the process of implementing community
   development programs to improve the lifestyle of the people in the towns of Wekin, Debark, and Debat.
*  Funding!
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First Meat Slaughter House
in memory of Jason Carter